Versus Project Some exhibitions
Being used to each work in their own corner on their speciality, artists never really have a lot of opportunities to cross irons with their collegues.
This, however is exactly what our friends at VERSUS decided to do.
In this individualistic world, where Ego(ism) is king,
various artists merged to form VERSUS , and create a sideproject to work together
on projects where the idea is to attack a concept with 2,3,4 or more artists, in function of a theme, an exhibition or an event.
And as the name already implies, the idea of a Versus is to confront the artists' different competences, being renowned artists from different backgrounds, whose specialities vary from animation, be it 2D or 3D, typography, sculpture, (art-) directing, graphic design, informatics, mapping, painting, photography, vj-ing and graffiti.

Although very experimented in their proper domains,
they all come from a generation not afraid of breaking the boundaries of medium of expression and exposition.

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